Lei e Evangelho

“O fato é que quanto mais uma pessoa busca crédito para si mesma por seus próprios esforços, mais ela se endivida. Nada pode tirar o pecado, exceto a graça de Deus. Na vida real, porém, não é tão fácil convencer-se de que somente pela graça, em oposição a todos os outros meios, obtemos o perdão […]

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A Theology of the Cross in the Christian Life

I think it was probably Rick Warren who really popularized this idea of results-oriented Christianity. He liked to talk about how he was addicted to changed lives. He wasn’t just talking about his own life, he was talking about the lives of the people who attend his mega-church out there in California. He was addicted to changed lives, to results in people’s lives at a market measurable, tangible improvement in your life, in your family, in your attitude, in your work life, in whatever it may be, wherever you wanted an improvement, Rick Warren and many like him promised that Christianity will deliver those results now. That’s a good selling point, isn’t it? A lot of people would like their lives to be just that little bit better than it is right now, just marginally better – it’s good, but it could always be better. Is Christianity the tool for achieving that, is that why Jesus died on the cross to make your life just that little bit better than it already is?

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Called to Wait

In a rapidly changing world, we all face new seasons in our lives, some we choose and others that are forced upon us: one stage of life ends for another to begin; new career challenges lead to different jobs; new opportunities change our ways of living.

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